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National Science Centre Kuala Lumpur
The National Science Center is an informal educational institution providing Gallery and Exhibition on the first and second level of the building while, outside is an an educational park called Science Wonderland. Exhibits and activities which is provided are designed for each age group and background whether individual or group tours.

We DO NOT provide guided tours for visitor since all the materials and exhibits are self-exploration based. You can spend an hour or even the whole day here.

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If you are  interested in science and technology, one day may not be enough for you to explore all the exhibits available here. If you are just relaxing with your family or friends, usually you will need at least two hours to visit all the galleries at PSN. You may also join in with other visitors to enjoy the science show, as well as other activities set by PSN during your visit.

Be informed that, the entrance fees are only for PSN’s regular exhibition. A themed exhibition may require additional fees subjected to the themed exhibit

If you need special knowledge provided by PSN officers, you can refer to School Program  and use the booking form to book for suitable programme. School program however is only held on weekdays, Monday to Thursday. This type of tour is called Programmatic Visit. Reservations can be made by contacting us at least two weeks prior to the visit for PSN to process the application.

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General Inquiries
Puan Shuhaila Samat
Tel: 03-2089 3400
Fax: 03-2089 3401

National Science Centre Northern Territory Branch (PSNCWU)
The Northern Territory Branch Science Center (PSNCWU) is the first branch established to meet the needs of science, technology and innovation for residents in the Northern Region (Kedah, Perlis, Penang and Northern Perak). PSNCWU provides a science exhibition gallery containing several sections.  PSNCWU also provides an educational garden called Oryza Education Garden.

You can spend as much time as possible here as there is no time limit for gallery tours. Here you can explore and gain knowledge in the world of science and technology. If you want to participate in science activities specially prepared by the PSNCWU’s staff, you can  refer to School Program. School programme is only held on weekdays (Kedah’s working days) ie. Sunday to Thursday . Reservations can be made by filling out the Booking Form at least two weeks before the date of visit you are planning. If you require further information please contact:

General Inquiries
Ayuni Akmalina Alias
Tel: 04 -720 7700
Fax:04 – 720 7701