Outdoor Exhibits zone

Aquatic House

A quarantine center for various marine and fresh water life such as corals, fish, turtles and aquatic plants. A suitable place for aquatic science activities


Water Plaza

A recreational area locating assortment of water related exhibits that invites visitors to understand physics concept such as water surface tension and kinetic energy


Herbal Garden

This garden consists of variety species of herbs and spices with medicinal and commercial values


Interactive Zone

Numerous giant outdoor exhibits and exercising equipments for those who love to play in the sun and at the same time to learn about the hidden scientific concept


Subterranean Journey

This gallery will bring visitors into the subterranean environment with volcanoes and deep-sea creatures on a chair ride. You will also experience a virtual journey in the 3D-Simulator


Pocket Garden

Pocket garden introduces visitors to the families of flowering plants such as hibiscus, rose, bougainvillea, ginger and fragrant plant


Focal Point

This focal point of the Science Wonderland represents an assembly point with a Buckyball water fountain that is symbolic to the importance of molecular structure in the field of nanotechnology


Garden of Nature

This garden provides the approach of learning biology and biodiversity in a tropical ecosystem. All exhibits, flora and fauna are parallel to the education program conducted for school children and families


Prehistoric Garden

This garden will take you back to the prehistory era with numbers of dinosaur replicas such as a T-rex and a Triceratops

Interactive Walkway

This interactive walkway is an alternative route for visitors who love to challenge themselves