Indoor Gallery

Marine Life Aquarium

A variety and colorful marine organisms welcome you into the magical science world of National Science Centre. Take a closer look at a variety of fishes and corals that make up into a unique ecosystem.

Freshwater Fish Aquarium

Make eye to eye contact with numerous tropical fresh water fish in the first ever fresh water tunnel aquarium in Malaysia. Immerse yourself in the diorama of fresh water lake and river.


Learn about the science behind natural wonders of Aqua, Light and Wind and how they can drive the future of green technologies



Discover the ability of your creative and innovative minds! Get ready to exclaim “Eureka!” when you manage to solve all the puzzles in Challenge Your Mind, Colour and Sound, Illusion and All About Numbers zones


Kids’ Discovery Place

A fun and interactive gallery that applies the concept of playing and discovering while learning in an interactive, hands-on, comfortable and exciting environment. Especially for 4 to 6 years old

Little Explorer

Play and discover while learning. This gallery trains motor skills and mind of children 2 to 4 years old


Kid’s World

Zones including I’m Special, Creativity, Sound & Music and Machine will excite the minds of children 7 to 12 years old

Pathways to Science

Grasp the fundamental principle of biology, physics, chemistry and earth science along with uncovering the micro and macro worlds in this gallery



Increase your awareness about the positive impacts of radiation towards humans and other living organisms. Uncover the world of rays and radiations in three sections; introduction to radiation, heroes in radiation, usage of radiation in medical, scientific and agriculture field


Highlighting the history and principles revolving basic principles of flight such as Bernoulli’s principle, aerodynamics and how these principles are incorporated in our daily lives