By Nadia Kamal Nasir

Kuala Lumpur : A wonderful and very beneficial way of learning . That is what the 15 students from Institut Pendidikan Guru (IPG), Kampus Ilmu Khas, Cheras said a few days ago during the ‘Explorasi Pendidik’ program held at Pusat Sains Negara.

“The activities that we did was very hands-on and interesting,” said Nurul Syazarina, one of the participants.

Another participant, Nurul Shahirah also added : “ The method we learned in teaching  was very fun and easy to replicate when we start teaching later on.”

During the program, the students were given the privilege of learning a new way to educate students that could make teaching and learning more fun and interactive.

Head program of ‘Explorasi Pendidik’, Siti Murnirah Jaafar, said : “ I hope this program can spread awareness regarding the educational activities done by Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematic (STEM) that is more effective and easy to learn.’’

Most of the attendees was very satisfied with the program, saying that it was very impressive and can be made into a guide for future educators to generate a more creative and innovative learning environment.